New Release: Amba Jae - 6 O'clock

New Release: Amba Jae - 6 O'clock

New Release: Amba Jae - 6 O'clock - OUT NOW!

Introducing: R&B soul-pop Newcomer Amba Jae!

Makes her debut with vibrant new summer release ‘6 o’clock’!

After releasing consistent cover videos of the likes of Summer. Rod Wave, plus more via her YouTube and Instagram platforms, R&B songstress, Amba Jae takes the leap of faith to bring us her debut offering in the form of catchy & melodic new single, ‘6 o’clock’!

She says “6 o’clock paints the picture of a love you experience that makes you feel at home. A love where you have a magnetic attraction to someone that you just can’t let go of”.

Born Amba Jessica Reid in the Autumn of 1995, the young songstress to-be, was raised with her sister Renee by their mother Kim, in the heart of one of South-London’s thriving towns, West Norwood. At the tender age of just 4 years-old, the singer’s passion for music saw her belting out her favourite karaoke songs at the top of her voice in her living room. It was at this point that her parents and close family members knew that she had a gift.

Amba’s teenage years saw her starting her own YouTube channel, predominantly to sing covers of some of her biggest inspirations, these included Jessie J, Frank Ocean and Adele who all still remain some of Amba’s favourite artists. During this period, Amba was convinced to try her hand at writing her own music – a step that would go on to change her life as she began to discover different ways in which to deliver her story. On the path to cultivating her own sound. Amba would later take inspiration from the likes of Rihanna, Jhene Aiko and Alicia Keys, who all play a major role in the artist that she is today.