Mizzy is a 90s baby, real name Michee Efete. Born in Ealing, West London to Congolese parents and raised in the opposite side of the capital, East London – Hackney precisely. Michee’s love for music stems back years and began at an extremely young age, from when the bright-eyed youngster used to play the keyboard in church.


His love for performance and all things music stayed with him. Coming from a creative peer group was nothing but a bonus for the youth. He and his friends were all inspired by the arts and benefited from watching the older kids in the area making shock waves in London’s forever growing music scene, as they unknowingly paved the way for Mizzy and his boys.


However, Michee moved out of the Hackney area to pursue a professional footballing career at age of 15 years old. Music, then understandably was brushed to the background – this was no suggestion that Mizzy loved music any less, just that football took precedent over his first love at the time.


In 2018, through mutual friends and acquaintances, Mizzy made a connection with East-London super-production duo Dr Vades after them hearing Mizzy’s recently recorded single ‘Sweet One, the song was sent to someone at Dr Vades’ record label, Portfolio Music and the connection was made. The song was sent to Good Soldier Records and eventually released via the label. The melodic pattern and impactful chorus caught the attention of Mizzy’s peers, far and wide from both music and football, including the likes of (insert names) The song was a cultural hit, nearing 1,000,000 streams on Spotify to date and solidifying Mizzy’s position as one of Urban music’s most exciting newcomers!