Hackney native, Marko Kun is a complete breath of fresh air! With an unmatched personality and a musical style that is impossible to pigeonhole, Marko tastefully displays that music knows no boundaries with his Young Thug and The 1975 – influenced melodic-rap style. 


Born Ehigie Ayamere to Nigerian parents on 10th Jan 1998, Marko is no stranger to the social challenges that young black inner-city kids face. However, being focused on his love of music from such a young age, he managed to keep his energy channelled in the right direction. Despite limited means and resources, Marko was able find a way to record songs in his bedroom as a child, replicating the pop sounds he was listening to back then. Later on, with resources and accessibility to equipment still very limited, Marko would go on to record through the in-built microphone in his laptop.


Quite the introvert, Ehigie spent little time outside meaning his intake and influence would be quite the contrary to his contemporaries and the rest of his peer group. Marko would find influence in various corners of the internet, which he spent most of his alone time browsing.


Marko’s Debut offering was a single by the title ‘Been Higher,’ a record which did not amass huge numbers but rather pricked the ears of some of UK music’s most notable names including Tinie Tempah, Notes and rising Manchester rap star Aitch. After years of crafting a sound which will define and position him in a clear lane, Marko is finally ready to unleash his energy on the world in the form of records such as ‘Passy’ & ‘1st Promise’ from his yet-to-be titled debut EP. Marko has recently signed to London-based independent record label Portfolio Music (Dr Vades, Folly Rae, Mars Moniz) and has been hotly-tipped by key urban DJ’s and tastemakers. ‘Passy’ set for release May 2019.